ISS was founded in 2008. Company assists private sector, investors, governments, donors to achieve sustainable, broad-based economic development and poverty reduction.
ISS provides services that make companies more competitive in their industries, in the national and the international marketplace, and that in general enhance their performance as the engines of economic growth in emerging markets.
ISS promotes a market-driven approach, first identifying products and services in demand domestically or internationally, and then helping firms to produce them more efficiently, meet quality standards, client requirements and delivery deadlines.
ISS works with companies and clusters to identify solutions leading to sustained improvements in enterprise performance through tailored services for companies, business development service providers, associations, and other value chain participants.
ISS provides entrepreneurs with the practical tools needed to make a real and measurable impact for their business, communities and their countries.
ISS builds the capacity of individuals and institutions in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors, fostering synergies between local knowledge and international experience through realization of targeted programs/ projects and programs of learning.

Company Philosophy:

- Trust in our relationships;
- Pride in our service;
- Innovation in our way of thinking.

ISS provide the following service:

- Business Development Management (BDM);
- Investment and Financial Management;
- Marketing strategies;
- Industry association development;
- Trade capacity building.

  • Completed projects
    Project 1.
    «Ruka dopomohy» (The Helping Hand) is a project of The World Bank and The Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine within the framework of a large-scale strategy for modernization of the social support system for the population. The aim of this project is to help internally displaced persons and low-income families to get rid of dependence on welfare payments, obtain a decent job or start their own business.
    The consortium, which included the company ISS GROUP S.R.O. as a leader, has been developing a strategy and was responsible for its effective implementation. The project has attracted 2458 people. In total as of March 1, 2018 (from the beginning of the project implementation), 881 project participants, or 35.8% of the total number of participants, found employment. 510 people or 20.7% of participants contributed to public works and received additional income. Business plans of 98 participants of the project for opening their own business have been approved and 65 people received financial assistance for business activities.

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    Project 2.

    1. ISS GROUP S.R.O is the management сompany of the large-scale medical project "Smart Hub Onco.STOP".
    The project "Smart Hub Onco.STOP" unites the best practicing foreign specialists in the practice of cancer treatment and clinical research. The project specialization is oncology and neurosurgery. It involves both work with international and local patients as well as international and local doctors, the price offer of which is two times lower than the international price.

  • Company Values:

    Performance and Results:
    - We focus on creating the best possible results for our partners, clients;
    - Integrity and Accountability: We act ethically and take full responsibility of our actions on behalf our clients;
    - Professionalism and Responsiveness: Our team members create an effective work environment internally and also for the joint work we do with our clients.




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